Ballroom Dancing
“If you dance with your heart, your body will follow” -- Mia Michaels

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Another night of dancing in the Starlite Club

Cruise 7: A lovely Tango by our talented friend Cynthia W. with Ambassador Host Emery featuring the music of the Crystal Sextet in the Stardust Lounge

Cruise 7: Mambo by our good friends, Jen & William F., to the music of The Crystal Sextet in Crystal Cove

Cruise 6: Guest Joette and Ambassador Host Jeff Morris take advantage of the great music of the Crystal Sextet at poolside

Dance Class

My compilation of "dance" from daily lessons to ballroom to rocking in the disco at night

Cruise 3: The "Tango" taught by Elena and Aleksandr Belousov, formerly members of Dancing With The Stars in the Ukraine. It's a rough start but watch what happens when everyone tries the Tango!

Cruise 3: The "Rumba" taught by Elena and Aleksandr Belousov. The secret of the Rumba is "snakey hips!"

Cruise 6: The "Bosa Nova" taught by Crystal's Dance Instructors George & Petra

Cruise 7: The "Salsa" taught by Crystal's Dance Instructor Curtis Collins

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