“Great dancers are great because of their passion” -- Martha Graham
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Our Favorite Dance Performances

Cruise 1: Curtis Collins and the late Natalie Mavor Myles recreate a dance in the memory of Natalie's parents just as it had been performed by them.

Cruise 11: Curtis Collins & Beverly Durand have become friends over the many cruises we have shared with them since 2009. This amazing performance is a tribute to the memory of Curtis' Dad who was his inspiration to dance.

Cruise 9: The Argentine Tango performed by Leighton & Jo in the Starlite Club

Cruise 6: Cha-Cha-Cha by dancers Aleksandr & Elena Belousov former members of Dancing With The Stars in the Ukraine

Cruise 6: A beautiful Waltz performed by siblings Adam & Patricia Kent

Cruise 2: Jive performed by Mark Sasnovski and Lisl Jooste
Team Dances

The Amazing Crystal Latin Dance Quartet

Cruise 9: Andras & Katalin, Dmitriy & Andrea, Leighton & Jo and Christopher & Dora

Cruise 3: Adam Kent & Patricia Kent with Aleksandr & Elena Belousov. Ooops! The camera died before the finish!

Cruise 7: Youriy Pavlov, Natalie Mavor Miles, Curtis Collins & Beverly Durand

Cruise 1: Junior Cervilla, Curtis Collins, Natalie Mavor & Beverly Durand
Meet The Pros

Our beautiful and talented friend Beverly Durand

Professional ballroom dancers, Elena & Aleksandr Belousov

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