“When you're with family, take a seat not a side”
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Jackson's 4th Birthday

Jackson's 4th birthday celebration

Piñata Time: Jackson's Birthday

Joe T's Remote Control Models

This Remote Controlled Surfer is amazing.
Joe built the surfer and took her to the Atlantic Ocean to perform.
His wife, Patricia, is running the camera.

Joe puts his Remote Controlled P51 Mustang airplane through its paces

This remote controled snowmobile was Joe's winter project

Joe does a test run of his Ricky Carmichael Honda 250
remote controlled motorcycle. Look no training wheels!

Joe tests his stock ATV in the local creek bed.
The video was made by attaching his video camera to the top
of the remote radio transmitter so he could drive and tape at the same time.

Aidan Hockey

Aidan at hockey. He is #16.

Cutler Drama

Cutler performing a dramatic scene during his acting class

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