“When you're with family, take a seat not a side”

Jewish Holidays

Passover (4/19/19)

Passover (4/19/19)

Hanaukkah (9/30/17)

Hanaukkah (9/30/17)

Celebrating Hanukkah at Anthem Club

Christmas 2020

Santa left all the presents at Lori and Jeff's house

Introducing Jackson Goodwin

Jackson's Mommy Jacky

Jeff & Cutler

Barry and Hope

Charlie and Joan

Joan with daughters Hope (left) and Lori

Joan with Grandsons Cutler and Aidan

Great grandma Joan, grandma Lori, and Dad Aidan with Jackson

Three generations



Jeff with the much sought after "Bag Lady"

Christmas Eve at Hope and Barry's home

Becca and Cutler

Grandma Lori with Jackson

Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve dinner at Buca di Beppo

Dinner in The Pope's Room

Christmas at the Goodwin's

Christmas at the Goodwin's

Joining Barry for a cigar

Christmas 2012

Family Christmas at the Goodwin's

I hope this 'chew rope' is for the dogs!

Independence Day 2012

Father's Day 2012

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