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A Truly Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse

A Truly Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse


This show is a tribute to ABBA featuring Skye's fabulous Anne Davies (blonde) with music by husband Terri Davies. If you are an ABBA fan you will love it!
(Ann & Terri have retired from this show. We feel the new show does not measure up to Anne's great performances)


We met Bernadette at her weekly Flemenco performance at the Gainy Ranch Hyatt. Here is an excerpt from her performance in CUADRO. The Heckscher Theater at El Museo de Barrio was completely packed for her NYC debut on Sept 20, 2008.

Bernadette Gaxiola introduced us to her brother, Martin, at the Phoenix Art Museum's Flemenco night. Martin is the Artistic Director of his dance company Calo Flamenco. Here is his performance of The Ballet De Martin Gaxiola

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