“If you dance with your heart, your body will follow” -- Mia Michaels
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Charlie & Joan
Swing Cruise 7 Showcase

Cha Cha Cha Cruise 4 Showcase

Disco Cruise 1 Showcase

Joan and Beverly

Charlie and Beverly

Showcase Highlights
Crystal Serenity Cruise 10 2017

Crystal Symphony Cruise 9 2016

Crystal Serenity Cruise 7 2015

Crystal Serenity Cruise 5 2013

Crystal Serenity Cruise 4 2012

Crystal Serenity Cruise 1 2009

Meet the Pros
Curtis Collins and the late Natalie Mavor Myles (Cruise 1)

Beverly Durand

Curtis Collins & Beverly Durand

Curtis Collins & Beverly Durand (Cruise 11)

Elena & Aleksandr Belousov from DWTS Ukraine

Elena & Aleksandr Belousov Cruise 6

Adam & Patricia Kent Cruise 6

Mark Sasnovski & Lisl Jooste Cruise 2

Team Dances
Crystal Latin Dance Quartet

Andras & Katalin, Dmitriy & Andrea, Leighton & Jo and Christopher & Dora Cruise 9

Adam & Patricia Kent, Aleksandr & Elena Belousov Cruise 3

Youriy Pavlov, Natalie Mavor Miles, Curtis Collins & Beverly Durand Cruise 7

Junior Cervilla, Curtis Collins, Natalie Mavor & Beverly Durand Cruise 1

Crystal Friends

Dancing in the Starlite Club aboard Crystal Symphony

Cruise 7: A lovely Tango by our talented friend Cynthia W.
with Ambassador Host Emery and the Crystal Sextet in the Stardust Lounge

Cruise 7: Mambo by our good friends, Jen & William F.,
to the music of The Crystal Sextet in Crystal Cove

Cruise 6: Guest Joette and Ambassador Host Jeff Morris
take advantage of the great music of the Crystal Sextet at poolside

Fun With Dance Lessons

All About Dance Lessons

Cruise 3: Elena was "the best" Tango instructor but watch what happens when everyone tries the Tango!

Cruise 3: Elena and Aleksandr Belousov teach the "Rumba."
The secret of the Rumba is "snakey hips!"

Cruise 6: George & Petra teach the "Bosa Nova"

Cruise 7: The "Salsa" taught by Crystal's Dance Instructor Curtis Collins

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