“If you dance with your heart, your body will follow” -- Mia Michaels
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Charlie & Joan
Swing Cruise 7

Cha Cha Cha Cruise 4

The Hustle Disco Cruise 1

Showcase Highlights
Crystal Serenity Cruise 10 2017

Crystal Symphony Cruise 9 2016

Crystal Serenity Cruise 7 2015

Crystal Serenity Cruise 5 2013

Crystal Serenity Cruise 4 2012

Crystal Serenity Cruise 1 2009

Meet the Pros
Curtis Collins and the late Natalie Mavor Myles (Cruise 1)

Beverly Durand

Curtis Collins and Beverly Durand

Curtis Collins & Beverly Durand (Cruise 11)

Elena & Aleksandr Belousov

Aleksandr & Elena Belousov from DWTS Ukraine (Cruise 6)

Cruise 6: Adam & Patricia Kent

Cruise 2: Jive performed by Mark Sasnovski and Lisl Jooste

Crystal Latin Dance Quartet

Cruise 9: Andras & Katalin, Dmitriy & Andrea, Leighton & Jo and Christopher & Dora

Cruise 3: Adam Kent & Patricia Kent with Aleksandr & Elena Belousov

Cruise 7: Youriy Pavlov, Natalie Mavor Miles, Curtis Collins & Beverly Durand

Cruise 1: Junior Cervilla, Curtis Collins, Natalie Mavor & Beverly Durand


Dancing in the Starlite Club aboard Crystal Symphony

Cruise 7: A lovely Tango by our talented friend Cynthia W.
with Ambassador Host Emery and the Crystal Sextet in the Stardust Lounge

Cruise 7: Mambo by our good friends, Jen & William F.,
to the music of The Crystal Sextet in Crystal Cove

Cruise 6: Guest Joette and Ambassador Host Jeff Morris
take advantage of the great music of the Crystal Sextet at poolside

Dance Lessons

My compilation of "dance" from daily lessons to ballroom to rocking in the disco at night

Cruise 3: The "Tango" taught by Elena and Aleksandr Belousov,
formerly members of Dancing With The Stars in the Ukraine.
It's a rough start but watch what happens when everyone tries the Tango!

Cruise 3: Elena and Aleksandr Belousov teach the "Rumba."
The secret of the Rumba is "snakey hips!"

Cruise 6: George & Petra teach the "Bosa Nova"

Cruise 7: The "Salsa" taught by Crystal's Dance Instructor Curtis Collins

Lounge Acts
Carl Wishneusky Cruise 11

Marcie Castro Cruise 6

Jazz Dagen featuring Danny Coots Cruise 3

Jazz Dagen featuring Pete on the clarinet Cruise 3

Around the Ship
The Astoria Strings

Crystal Orchestra plays Dixieland

The Crystal Sextet

Crystal Cove Pianist Scott Mitchel with Golf Pro Ricardo Borgatti

The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra jam session with Will Nestler

Galaxy Lounge
The Grand Hotel

Curtain Call

68 Cafe

Charlie aon stage in That's Ballroom Cruise 3

The Crystal Singers and Dancers

The Tommy Dorsey Band

Nikki Parrot And Her Atlantic Big Band

Umi Garrett, age 13

Ship Videos
New Year's Eve 2020

Desert Crystal Style

Carpaccio Prego Style

How the carpaccio appetizer is served in Prego aboard a Crystal Ship

A Traditional Caesar Salad

Time Lapse Video
The 11-hour Panama Canal in 7 minutes

Docking in Honolulu, Hawaii

Docking in Key West, FL

Docking in Gibraltar

Charleston, SC

A heavily armed Coast Guard boat keeps curiosity seekers away from our ship during our departure.

Tendering in to a port

Crystal Sail-Aways and It's a Wonderful World

Tenerife Sail-Away Party

Ocean Moods
Cruise 1 - Three days of storms out of Lisbon

Cruise 2 - Cruising the North Atlantic

Cruise 3 Swells are waves that do not break

Swells can travel for thousands of miles unchanged in height and period.

Cruise 7 - The Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic is 18,900 feet deep, 2,500 miles wide and 8,000 miles north to south

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